Friday, November 28, 2014


We certainly have had a busy time the last few weeks.  We had our report cards go out, our fall break,  our Remembrance Day Assembly,  parent teacher student interviews,  the academic assembly and spelling bee.  In between all of that we have been working hard on covering curriculum!

  • The Giver
  • Summarizing
  • Vocabulary collecting
  • Plot
  • The Ceremony of 12 was reenacted from the novel.    Students realized the importance of choice and freedom.  Ask your kids about it.
  • Students shared and  wrapped up their book talks.  
  • Wonder:  we  finally finished this beautiful novel of friendships, acceptance and differences.

  • The Big 5:  Every day we  focus on a different math strand.  Monday is Patterning and Algebra, Tuesday is Number, Wednesday is Geometry, Thursday is Measurement and Friday focuses on Data Management.  This is a great way to review some of our past math concepts.
  • We have wrapped up fractions, decimal and  percents and enjoyed playing the games, Fraction, Decimal, Percent BINGO as well as I HAVE… WHO HAS…
  • Students have been working hard on reviewing  addition and subtraction of fractions
  • Multiplication and Division of fractions has been the main focus of the unit
  • Students are working at putting all of  the fraction operations  together and using the order of operations and solving problems.
  • Students will be writing a unit test this week on Fraction operations.

Social Studies
·         Students have created their own version of a Modern Day Mona Lisa. 
·         Scholars,  Philosophers, Artists, Mathematicians, Scientists and Writers have all impacted  the Renaissance and  their worldview.
·         Humanism
·         Students examined  a variety of  children’s books which illustrated the Worldview of the Renaissance times.
·         Students   are choosing from a group of famous characters from the Renaissance and are creating a Fakebook Page  or an Instagram page for that person.
·         Students are working at organizing their binders to ensure they have the notes for an open book test which will be happening in the next few weeks.
  • Mr. C and 8C have been focusing on many experiments which included paper chromatography, viscosity and solubility. They are wrapping up the Mix and Flow of Matter.
 Gym:  Mr. A and the students are working on basketball and spatial concepts as well as playing bucket ball.

The Academic Assembly recognized students who have achieved their Bronze Eagle Achievement Award as well as recognition  of  excellence in our core subjects, fine arts and athletics.  Congratulations to Sarah  and Isabel  who participated in our school Spelling Bee. Congratulations to Isabel for placing First! 

Important Dates
Dec. 5 – Band  Concert
Dec. 10 – Field trip to The Museum of Regiments.  Forms and Money were due last week.  Please get these in ASAP .  We are still looking for parent volunteers who can help supervise on this day. 
Dec.  11 – Pizza Day
Dec. 11 -  Winter  Wonderland Masquerade Ball from 6-9 for Grades 6-8.
Dec. 15 – 18  The Me to We Club will be selling candy cane grams for $1 during this week at noon.  Proceeds will be going to Santa’s Anonymous and The Me to We Club.
Dec. 15- 19 Annual Carol sing.  Parents are invited  to come and  sing with us and join us for hot chocolate.  Keep posted for your scheduled day.
Dec.   19 -  Ugly Sweater Day

As Always, please check with your child and their agenda for any additions of  important dates.  These include homework due dates, test dates, etc.   

A few examples of our Modern  Day Mona Lisa.

A few butterflies for these two spelling bee contestants!
They were Awesome!

Enjoy a few photos from our Halloween events!