Thursday, August 28, 2014

Welcome back to school!

The first week of school can be filled with anxious moments and nightmares.  Even teachers have these feelings.  But there is the excitment and desire to learn and push us to expand our horizons that outweigh those scary moments.
I am extremely excited to be able to teach Grade 8 this year.  I am looking forward to learning about you and your interests.  Every year is filled with anticipation

The goal of this blog is to keep you and your parents informed of our learning moments and up to date on the many events we have going on in our school.  This platform is a new one for me and I am expanding my learning by experimenting with this class blog site. 

It is also a goal of mine to have you blog about your learning and relfect on it. 

I know we are going to have a fantastic year together. 

Watch and listen to this Pep Talk from Kid President!