Sunday, June 7, 2015


Time sure flies when you are having fun!  It is hard to believe it is June already. It truly has been a joy to work with your kids each and every day!  They make me Smile!

We have had a lot of events since the last Post!  This post will include many photos from the last 6 weeks!

Music Monday/Dress like a Rock Star and RVS Has Talent!  We had quite a few entries from our class.  We  have talented kids!  Congratulations  to all of our participants!

Thank you to all parents who helped with our Track Meet!  We appreciate your help.  The students had a successful day thanks to you.  Many students had  the opportunity to go on to Counties and Zones!  Congratulations!

     Students worked cooperatively to create magazines with a theme of their choice.  Below are a few pictures of the finished product!

   We read the novel Holes by Louis Sacher.  A part of  the novel referred to a pair of stolen shoes.  Students drew their favorite shoes and wrote a descriptive paragraph called Stories with Sole!

Math:  Our last unit focused on Tessellations.  Students created Escher style tessellations as well as colored a rotation.  

Aztec Movie Posters - Social Studies.  The students were very creative when making their Movie Posters based on an Aztec book they read.  

Cortes timeline.

CCA - Drama - students from both terms combined classes to put on a Street Fest for the rest of the school.  We had a variety of groups from dance performances, monologues, plays, and theatre sports.  

I hoped you enjoyed a few of the many pictures!  Your kids are going to do great things.  In a few short weeks, they will be in High School!