Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The First Few Weeks!

The end of September is almost here!   Students have participated in some get to know each other activities, routines have been established and expectations are being met.
We certainly enjoyed the annual Tug O War and becoming the champs.

Team Work!

Monday, September 15 was International Dot Day!  Students worked cooperatively to write a paragraph about a girl named Dot.  The catch was that they could not use any letters in their writing that had a dot.... i and j!  This creative group shared some interesting paragraphs!

Friday, September 19 was Talk Like A Pirate Day!  Many students talked and dressed like pirates and had pirated names.  Students created chalk pastel pirate art while listening to Pirates of the Caribbean

Tuesday, September 23 was our annual Terry Fox Run with our High School.  It was a rainy morning but students walked with friends and chatted along the way.  We watched a short video clip that summarized Terry's life.  You could hear a pin drop at the end of the clip.  I have included a link to the clip for you to watch.  

Students are listening to the novel I Am David by Anne Holm.  We are learning to read with sticky notes and a pencil in hand.  Students have looked for 3 items for each chapter,  to write on their notes which range from vocabulary, to quotes, something surprising, something they loved, a connection to the story or their own observation.  

Be.... is our theme for the year.  Check out our door.  Thanks to S. Fuller from "Entirely Elementary Counselling School."

What have been some of your highlights for the month of September?