Thursday, April 2, 2015

Art Integration


We have been integrating Art with Language Arts, Social and  Math.

Students read the novel, Freak The Mighty and learned that Kevin has a vast vocabulary.  He used the word sobriquet in the book to indicate a Nick Name for both Kevin and Max; thus Freak The Mighty! Students either came  up with a nick name or used the nick name they already have to create Graffiti Art.
We examined types of  lettering and students practiced outlining their name before moving onto the larger sheet of paper.   Some students preferred using water colours while others enjoyed using chalk or oil pastels. Whatever the medium, the results were fabulous.

In Social Studies, students have been learning about the Great Era of Peace in Japan during the 1600's and how they moved from a country in isolation to a country of adaptation.  Students learned how to write their name in Japanese using a Japanese name converter.  They also included a Japanese image such as a cherry tree in blossom, the geography of Japan or other symbol of Japan.  

In Math, we have just finished up learning how to find the surface area of rectangular prisms, cubes, triangular prisms and cylinders.  To integrate art with math, students are planning and creating miniature cities.  Below are a few pictures of the cities in progress.

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