Thursday, October 1, 2015


     Teamwork and team building were a large focus for our first few weeks of school and will continue to be a focus for the year.
We were crowned Tug O' War champs for 2015!


  Students participated in a variety of team building and applied the scientific method
to building the tallest tower, cup stacking and Saving Sam challenges.

Picture Book A  Day!
     Our class is participating in a variety of literacy activities including a picture book a day. The students are loving listening and learning about a variety of topics including our brain, Einstein,  Paul Erdos, and Hiawatha just to name a few.  They are also reminded about kindness, compassion and being human in some of our other picture books.     

Art and Culture Week
     Students participated in a variety of activities that included listening to a drumming performance, participating in a drumming workshop, drama, dance and art.  

      We finished the month of September with our annual Terry Fox Run with the High School!

     The month certainly did go by quickly.  These  are a few of the events that took place while we were learning routines, expectations and curriculum. 

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